Who is Britt Lynn?

A Taurus/Gemini cusp, proud vulnerability enthusiast, sensitive empath, self-healing and spiritual twenty-something, passionate storyteller, a yoga instructor specializing in helping Mamas in their pre/post natal transitions, a loving daughter, twin-flame companion, the 'woo-woo' aunt? I'm all and none of these things.

A few years ago, my life was in shambles and a series of completely life-shattering awakens cracked me open for good. I'd never go back to living a basic life of conformity, entranced by the fake-it-til-you-make-it lifestyle mentality. A decade in the modeling industry had woven my perception of Self and had me empty-handed, anxiety ridden, a controlling and socially inept young woman without a sense of purpose or belonging. By devoting my life to my spiritual practice, self-development and constant surrender, I've witnessed miraculous transformation and now want to share the lessons and practices that have helped me to totally shift my mindset, daily life, and most importantly, heal wounds from my past that have kept me from thriving in the present. There's something about that magical feeling we get after an awesome yoga class, during meditation, and witnessing synchronicities that enlivens something deep within me-- it's a feeling of Truth, and I believe that everyone that wants to experience that should be able to!

Connecting authentically gives that feeling of aliveness, knowing that we aren't alone in our struggles... Who doesn't want more of that?!


I do.


I'm here for you!