Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

It was during a one day workshop in my 200 RYT that we had a day on prenatal yoga. I was really surprised that I felt so passionate at the thought of empowering women, making them feel more comfortable with their bodies through this transformative time, ease stress over their chosen birth method and helping to prepare them for childbirth. 

Last week, I got back from my second 45 hour immersion with Jane Austin of Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga. I was immersing myself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year. I'm really interested to see how I can use myself to expand this field of work that seems oddly separate from the yoga community right now. I see that in Las Vegas there are prenatal massage/spas that also offer prenatal yoga classes, but as far as (the MANY!) yoga studios offering prenatal or Mom and Baby classes for their students, I don't see a lot of options! 

It was very refreshing to be in San Francisco where practicing yoga regularly is a common part of a healthy lifestyle. It was especially cool to see how many pregnant and new Mamas use it. I couldn't imagine a better time to get into yoga as a new practitioner than when going through a big transitional phase, and there are, rest assured, new things to think about popping up every day! 

For the prenatal yoga classes, I witnessed Jane gently guide women through mildly strenuous stretches, all the while incorporating various ways that this calming work would come in handy, for the many years of hard work that they were about to embark on. Cultivating an awareness with these women, setting them up for success to mother, and putting the utmost importance on ways to incorporate self care regularly, for Mama to stay rejuvenated and aide in the post delivery healing phase. 

In the Mama and Baby classes, I was able to observe and assist in classes of more than 55 women with their babes, stretching, gathering and learning about their pelvic floors, and deepening their connection with their little ones. 

We were also able to observe a Prenatal Partners workshop, which was incredibly powerful for me. Guiding couples through both physical and connective exercises, everything from ways to ease Mamas tension in labor, to postures that are fantastic to birth a baby.

My hope is to raise awareness and connect with Mamas who are expecting or recently delivered to make the entire childbearing year more liberated; to empower them in a country where childbirth is majorly seen as a medical event. We are a species that has been giving birth since the dawn of time, and we are quite capable of choosing less obtrusive and conventional birthing methods, if we so choose. Taking an active role in preparation (mentally, physically, and spiritually!) can greatly benefit Mom and baby. I believe in this work so much.



Mama Tree offers a comprehensive training on the art and science of teaching yoga for Mamas at all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond.