Officially A Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher!

Well... Not really, not YET!

Just like any other school or body of work you get certified in, there's got to be a final exam, project, or assignment. I'm just tickled that after this 85 hours of work in learning how to teach Mama's (and Babes) pre-post natal classes, the final project is up to us to create. 


In the gray area where I just spent most of my life, riddled with anxiety and perfection, it would've been harrowing task to narrow down an infinite plethora of 'What's the RIGHT topic/subject I should make this project about!?' and, naturally, I'd lose MUCH sleep and precious happy moments over it; only to never make a decision and end up a useless, exhausted pile of mush in the corner of my workspace forever..

But NOW! In this beautiful free space I'm happily residing in currently; the project made itself known almost immediately! Whoooo for personal development, and internal progress and growth that lately has known no bounds!

I'm going to document and make a mini-documentary about the current Pre/Post Natal Community that we have available to new and expectant Mamas here in the Las Vegas Valley. I'll document the process I go through, meeting different references whom I can later refer Mamas, who are in need of various services, to (infant cranial sacral therapy, post natal physical therapists, doula and midwife recommendations, etc.)

The sooner I get this done, the sooner I have the Yoga Alliance designated RPYT certification!