Encapsulating Wellness


into the


t of the

work." -

Dr. Brene


After practicing yoga for a few years and never having known that there were different aspects/layers to the practice... You can imagine my surprise the first time (Annie Carpenters 200 hr YTT) I heard that there were a whopping 8 ways you could work and grow your yoga practice. It was intimidating; at that time I was easily overwhelmed when faced with anything I wasn't 'the best' at. Still, very intrigued to harness this ethereal power. I couldn't imagine being unphased by others' 'poor' decisions, which was a habit I'd recently formed that was RUINING pretty much every relationship I had in my life. 

Maybe you don't deal with anxiety, control issues, judgement, and fear. Maybe you have a different Pandora's box that's equally as hard to open and look at with out letting it take over your mind and completely rule your emotions and actions. 

My point is, we all have something. We all have those aspects of ourselves that we allow to lay dormant, or refuse to acknowledge, or feed way too much. Aspects that don't serve us and we'd be happy to never deal with again. I love this messy, dirty work. To approach areas of myself that make me uncomfortable, roll up my sleeves, and sit in the discomfort. When you approach it from a place of non-judgement, from a purely observational perspective, it's FASCINATING!

This is the approach that makes doing this self work most fun, for me. It's made it easier to develop a love for the idea of constant evolution and personal growth. I know how radically it's changed my life, from the inside out. And in a world where connection through social media is growing constantly, I think these tools and resources should be available to anyone with an interest.

I want to be on THAT Welcoming Committee.