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What Is A Spiritual Practice & How You Can Start Your Own

What do you think of when you think of a spiritual practice? A fancy/beautiful altar? Complex yoga pose? A tarot spread? A spiritual practice is all (and none!) of these things. Spiritual practice is whatever you want it to be that helps you feel connected, to your Being, your heart, to the many avenues of your life, your entirety and existence. Today I want to offer some tips to beginning your own spiritual practice and the (limitless) growth and transformative potential one can hold! I also uploaded a video at the end with more info(for all you visual learners/vlog lovers!).

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3 Transformative Practices Using Moon Blood (+youtube upload!)

What does your relationship with your Moon Cycle (period/rag/monthly time) look like? Does it hold much value, is it seen as an inconvenience? There are SO many ways I have been growing a greater relationship with it the last few years and so much good has come from that development. Today I’m sharing 3 ways I flow with my Moon Cycle and how much value it’s added to this natural process in my life!

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5 Ways I Find Healing From The Loss Of My Mother

Spending more ‘ME’ time is the medicine needed to get through more challenging season of life. Today I want to share a few ways that self-care practices have provided immense healing for me in the 3 short months since my best friend, Mama, and namesake, Jeri Lynn passed away due to complications with her cancer treatment.

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