3 Transformative Practices Using Moon Blood (+youtube upload!)

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What does your relationship with your Moon Cycle (period/rag/monthly time) look like?

Does it hold much value, is it seen as an inconvenience? There are SO many ways I have been growing a greater relationship with it the last few years and so much good has come from that development. Today I’m sharing 3 ways I flow with my Moon Cycle and how much value it’s added to this natural process in my life! I’ve also uploaded a youtube video at the end if you’re more of a visual person when it comes to learning!

It’s now been over 2 years since stopping hormonal birth control (pills). Best Decision EVER. About 8-10 months off of the pill I started noticing a connectedness to my body in a way I hadn’t felt before. I started being able to feel when I was ovulating and about to start my period (Maybe some of you had this inclination while on the pill, that was NOT the case for me!). I also started experiencing something that I can only describe as a connection to my primal feminine, a deeper experience in terms of desire (to release, life fully, make love, nurture others). I’m not saying I ran around like a sex-crazed, emotionally explosive woman, but on a very subtle realm, the shift was potent. So I’ve developed practices and rituals that feel really good to honor that shift in mySelf. Really, at the heart of all this, what I was doing is creating the space necessary in order to come to know mySelf more fully. These are the ways I do it! But first…

How do I harvest it?!

After discovering that the scented cotton tampons I’d used in my younger years was bleached and had toxic synthetic fragrance’s, I began searching for more natural alternatives. I also started getting interested in experimenting with various yoni blood rituals (which we’ll get into below). ENTER — The Menstrual Cup. I’ve LOVED using the Diva Cup (there are 2 sizes - be sure to specify which will be best for you), for over a year, now, it has both made my Moon Time a breeze and been incredibly easy to gather the blood for the various practices I’m sharing with you today! Here are some common questions people have about menstrual cups:

1. Is it messy?

It may take one or two cycles to get used to inserting and taking the yoni cup out, but so long as you’re mindful, you shouldn’t run into any issues. The blood is gathered within the yoni cup, so there is not much around the area you’re touching to pull the yoni cup out. And also, this is a great opportunity to get more comfortable with your own body. If you are afraid or grossed out about touching yourSelf, there may be some deeper triggers you may want to assess. Your body is beautiful and just doing what it’s great at and what is natural for it to do!

2. Do they smell?

NO. Menstrual cups should be changed minimum twice a day during bleeding days. While blood does smell have a copper-y scent, you won’t run into off putting smells if you’re regularly cleaning your yoni cup.

3. Does it ever spill?

This is where you want to make sure the size/fit of the menstrual cup is right for you. While all yoni’s are created equal, they are most certainly not uniform. Leaks have never occurred for me and luckily, the first choice/size/model in the Diva Cup Model 2 was just what I needed.

Moon Cycle Practices

  • Intention Setting

    There are SO MANY WAYS to set intention (infinite, really), why not try it with moon blood? The ‘meat’ of your intention is completely your own. For mySelf, I knew that I wanted to dive deeply into why I had such a block around my own creativity and took this intention setting process as a way to face that fear. Some people set intention with one word (ie. patience, understanding, compassion, empathy, etc), some will weave sentences, paragraphs, stories, you name it. When it comes to setting intention, THERE ARE NO RULES. Let me repeat, your journey and process of healing are all your own, and finding your own unique voice in your spiritual practice will catapult you forward faster than by following a book, advice, or blog post 100%, to a ‘T’.

  • Awakening/Cultivating/Expressing Creativity

    Taking a step back to really see the process which leads to the shedding of our uterine lining can be pretty powerful. Every month, as women, we are readying our womb space to prepare for growing life. Since, in most months, we are not in a place to begin forming that life, I like to take that time to create in a different way. I use moon blood as a symbol of my creative potential, that I am able to create my reality and birth whatever creative projects I can envision for mySelf. Often, for me, this looks like painting (pieces of art or on mySelf, ever head of ‘vampire facial’? Our blood is packed with nutrients and vitamins.). For some, this may feel very ‘woo’, for me, it feels like a very deep and meaningful way to connect with my creative nature. (I talk about this in a lot more detail in the video, check it out!)

  • Plant Food

    Moon Blood is POTENT in vitamins, minerals and nutrients (I go into this more in depth in the video!). Potassium, magnesium and phosphorous are 3 vital macronutrients naturally found in moon blood that plants also need to thrive. Some months, I simply choose to dilute my moon blood (in tap water, not filtered. Plants need other minerals that are found in tap water) and water my plants with it. In the video below, I am attempting to heal a patch of dryness in my yard that had not been growing grass for a few years (Happy to say that dry patch healed right up and now there are NO dry grass patches in my backyard!). I also use it with my indoor house plants, just distribute the solution in the sink if your plant containers are not solid so it doesn’t drip on anything!

Let me know in the comments below how YOU use moon blood!