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3 Crazy Quick Hair Upcycles #DIY

Let’s talk sustainable fashion and styling!

Today we’re breathing new life into old tees and tanks, making and styling headbands in a new way. Try this with some tops you’ve been itching to cut into a crop. Since discovering the harms to the planet and fair trade industry, in 2016, I’ve been out of the #fastfashion game. That being said, I LOVE finding new ways to stretch and repurpose the clothing I already have. Whether I’m running a quick errand in my pj’s (don’t judge), or adding a fun flare to an outfit for an event, chances are, I’m wearing a headband when you see me, recently, and they’ve ALL been homemade. After getting so many kind compliments, it’s the least I can do to share this crazy quick *free upcycle.

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