3 Crazy Quick Hair Upcycles #DIY

upcycle diy pin.png

Let’s talk sustainable fashion and styling!

Today we’re breathing new life into old tees and tanks, making and styling headbands in a new way. Try this with some tops you’ve been itching to cut into a crop. Since discovering the harms to the planet and fair trade industry, in 2016, I’ve been out of the #fastfashion game. That being said, I LOVE finding new ways to stretch and repurpose the clothing I already have. Whether I’m running a quick errand in my pj’s (don’t judge), or adding a fun flare to an outfit for an event, chances are, I’m wearing a headband when you see me, recently, and they’ve ALL been homemade. After getting so many kind compliments, it’s the least I can do to share this crazy quick *free upcycle.

Why awareness around fast fashion?

A byproduct of gaining awareness, whether intended for the Self or what your dollars drive demand for, is seeing industry facade’s fall like domino’s. I’m continually awestruck by how much I am unaware of. It makes me question more industry practices and gain clarity on movements I can lend a helping hand to do my part as a responsible citizen of this planet! If you are unaware or uneducated of the pollution you are unintentionally causing the planet by purchasing *cheap, mass produced, ‘trendy’, seasonal clothing, check out The True Cost and River Blue **RANT OVER**

What you need:

  • pair of scissors

  • top (tank/


To add some interest, I like using shirts with different textures, color patterns, fabric, etc.

bow upcycle diy pin.jpg

If you’re someone who is prone to getting stuck in certain styling habits, try something new! We can be our own worst critics! Confidence is key, in my experience, when I dress slightly outside my comfort zone, people definitely notice and LOVE IT. Not like I dress for other people’s reaction but, let’s be real, everybody loves a compliment sometimes! That’s how I’ve gained a lot of confidence to switch things up with my style. It gives me more permission to express mySelf uniquely (can’t we all use more of that?)

What’s the worst that can happen? If I get home at the end of the day and decide I didn’t wind up diggin’ what I tried out that day, no big deal. Sometimes we can take ourSelves a little too serious. Lighten up and P L A Y!

3 Ways To Style

“The Go To”

Almost too simple to include..! Double loop the fabric, place around the neck (like a necklace), reposition and hide the fabric seam (where it’s sown together) and draw up onto the head.

Perfect for fitness classes, to get bangs off my face, cleaning! You get the jist!

“The Rose”

This one looks like an expensive piece from Anthropologie, I love it! Place the loop over the head like a necklace with thumbs holding fabric to make a triangle shape, bring the fabric diagonally upward. Have a friend press the fabric midpoint (right where the SEAM is!) between the two thumbs, cross the fabric and knot once for a ‘bow’. Depending on the fabric, it may look cute here with some fluffing. For ‘The Rose’ I like to loosely fix the fabric around itself, in a circle, and tuck the ends under the headband.

The Rose DIY Upcycle.jpg

“The Cinnamon Bun”

I do this one the most, and get so many compliments every time I wear it. I love the ribbed texture of the fabric and playful color pattern that matches pretty much everything. Please the fabric loop around your neck, hold the loop above your head and cinch the fabric at the crown of your head. Holding the fabric at the crown, begin twisting the fabric with the other hand (sounds complicated, just take your time). Once it’s wound relatively tight, guide the twisted fabric around itself like a little cinnamon bun and tuck the end under the headband. Loosen the ‘Cinnamon Bun’ creases slightly, you’re done!

Cinnamon Bun Upcycle DIY.jpg

I hope these ideas are fun for you!

Taking conscious action toward the changes we wish to see in the world creates a ripple effect that impacts so much more than we can perceive. We have no idea the impact we have on others by the way we choose to show up in the world. Thanks for your interest, whether by doing what you can to save the planet or just finding new cute ways to style your hair!

Show me your styles and which is your favorite!