Sacred Self-Investment

Normalizing The Desire To GROW

Every single thing we believe about ourSelves or life in general stems from somewhere. When we discover where it originates, we access the keys to change it.

*BONUS: See the Self-Reflection Prompts below to dive deeper into your own internal process surrounding this subject! Let me know the results!*

Today I want to expand on a topic that has been a massive source of explosive growth in my own life, which I now prioritize above all other investments (except my health, good food is always #1), and highly advocate for anyone serious about up-leveling their own QOL (quality of life).

Why Self Invest?

Past Program:

Isn’t that selfish? There are SO MANY other things that I should be focusing my time/energy/money on.

Many of us have a wound surrounding self-prioritizing, whether it’s in the realm of self-love, self-care and yes, self-investment. Each of these practices can look infinitely different, from taking a hot bath with herbs and oils, to attending a local workshop, reserving time to self pleasure, enrolling oneSelf in an online course geared toward a subject of interest, the options are literally endless. There are programs embedded deeply within us (usually subconsciously implanted from loved ones or community surroundings at a young age, whether verbally or through example) that outline our belief system structure, aka depict what life ‘should’ look like. What I think many of us are beginning to realize is that it feels good to be given permission to invest in our own Self Understanding in whatever way feels good to us in that moment.

We realize more and more all the time by dipping our toes into practices that feel good that when we actively care for ourSelves regularly, we are actually more productive.

It’s the age-old adage: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Stepping away from that paradigm of placing ourSelves after all the other things we have to do in the name of ‘responsibility’ can actually be pretty darn refreshing. This is where things can get tricky if we polarize our action in the opposite direction. This isn’t to say that if you have 2 children hungry and awaiting a meal, a response of ‘Your needs come after my meditation and bubble bath.’ is necessarily the best choice. Finding a happy balance between the two is often where this new avenue of life can feel both good and, more importantly, sustainable. Sometimes there may be entire seasons where life is pulling you in a direction where your absolute presence is required, but knowing that you are taking the time to do what you can, when you can is everything. Finding your own sustainable flow will likely look different than anyone around you and this is another brilliant introduction to what will be explored in a future post: Embracing and trusting your intuition (aka natural inclination/ ‘gut’ feeling).

Self-Reflective Prompts:

  • What is your initial response to the concept of ‘self-investment’?

  • Where did it develop? If it was a person, where did they develop it?

  • How can you invite practices that make you feel good into your life more regularly?

On this New Moon in Pisces, I encourage you to dive deep into your subconscious and really ask yourSelf why you believe as you do.

How does it benefit you and most of all, does it feel good?

Well wishes and warmth,

Britt Lynn