Goodbye 2018: Laying fertile ground for a promising tomorrow

Mt. Shasta - June 2018

Mt. Shasta - June 2018


What a beautiful time to be alive.

So many are awakening to their Truth. Really anyone leaning into personal expansion in any way is at their own personal peak of development, at that moment in time, stepping from 'zone of comfort' to 'the unknown'. We are shedding layers, just as a serpent sheds it's skin, coming to understand outdated thought patterns, boundary lines and programs that are no longer affording the internal contentedness and freedom we yearn for. Many have been diving deep within themSelves, getting curious and opening to be guided to practices that resonate with their current depth of regeneration (aka healing). As 2018 comes to a close, I’m so excited to see a (very) apparent up-level in the collective consciousness among women (large majority of who I follow) on social media (across various platforms: Youtube, Instagram and Facebook) who are opening, allowing us a glimpse into their internal processes and the ways they’ve been clearing in terms of energetic expansion and evolution.

Who are your greatest inspirations and admirations currently?

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I see the ‘Perfection Paradigm’ across social media beginning to crumble, the days of solely showing ‘highlighted life’ reels getting boring, stale and see-through. So many crave a reality that feels and looks more authentic and resonant.

In short, we are growing more comfortable with the ability to See and be Seen.

Of much I know little, but one thing is certain… What we are witnessing is not a ‘fad’, ‘trend’ or ‘flash in the pan’ movement. As time progresses, media sources may begin to downplay these shifts in consciousness (in an attempt to cheapen), calling it 'sensationalized', ‘Messiah Complex’, or (my personal favorite), flat out selfish. This type of thinking poses the question: Who do you think you are to spend so much time fretting over ‘self-improvement’? Be a ‘functioning member of society’ and get a real job, why don’t you.

What many are beginning to realize is that healing and pressing into our ‘edges’ are some of the greatest acts we can gift ourSelves to be within our greatest caliber of service to society.

Unless we, as individuals, decide to hit the ‘snooze’ button and return to a sedentary life, with no gusto to continue moving toward internal freedom (nothing wrong with that if it’s what you choose!), this will not die down.

How can you gain insight on what to can anticipate moving forward?

A way that I love to work with growing my intuitive connection is by zooming out, tuning into my witnessing observer, and seeing what has been circulating in the collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness is a fundamental sociological concept that refers to the set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge that are common to a social group or society.

We are entering 2019 as a collective consciousness personal year 3

(2+1+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3)

This means that in 2019 it is likely that many of us living a lifestyle that gives allowance to flow consciously and naturally with those around us, will see shifts happening in and around the 3 energy and what it represents.

Numerologically, 3 symbolizes a birthing of creativity, creation and creative projects. Ultimately, birth of any type is a product of self-expression. I think we can all agree that as time continues, we see this more and more. Encouragment by those we admire to take larger responsibility in co-creating our own lives and the betterment of our future. Consciously stepping out of victim based mentality. It may also symbolize having a child or connecting with the Inner Child (I see this simultaneously as a clearing out of trauma inflicted during childhood that keeps us from moving forward in various avenues of life). Also, taking ourSelves less seriously and enjoying life, having more lighthearted, wide-eyed child-like experiences. Exploring, creating, Being.

I’ll write a post soon on aligning with Personal Year themes, how to find yours, and what it means!