My Top Picks On Gaia TV ('Netflix For Spirituality')

The Holy Grail Of Conscious TV

How many of us are bored with conventional television? Painstakingly scripted ‘Reality TV’, glib ‘news’ outlets, and a whole lot of programs that feed narrative’s I am consciously averting my efforts to consume. It’s been over a decade now since our house has seen mainstream programming and we haven’t looked back! Most electronic forms of entertainment are now found on various youtube channels (only a matter years to start my own!), I was delighted when I first heard about Gaia TV, about 3.5 years ago. So, today, after receiving a few DMs on Insta asking for suggestions, I’m sharing my all-time favorite shows, episodes and programs on Gaia!

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3 Crazy Quick Hair Upcycles #DIY

Let’s talk sustainable fashion and styling!

Today we’re breathing new life into old tees and tanks, making and styling headbands in a new way. Try this with some tops you’ve been itching to cut into a crop. Since discovering the harms to the planet and fair trade industry, in 2016, I’ve been out of the #fastfashion game. That being said, I LOVE finding new ways to stretch and repurpose the clothing I already have. Whether I’m running a quick errand in my pj’s (don’t judge), or adding a fun flare to an outfit for an event, chances are, I’m wearing a headband when you see me, recently, and they’ve ALL been homemade. After getting so many kind compliments, it’s the least I can do to share this crazy quick *free upcycle.

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Jumpstart 2019 : Heal Internal Ailment

Today, we’re diving a little deeper.

For those who continuing to forge a path forward, I thought it'd be fun to draw awareness to some pieces of ‘shadow’ that may present themSelves along the Vertical Path, followed by a medicine option. For every step forward on my own journey, I also choose to draw attention to any ‘shadows’ that may be presenting themSelves, and devote space/time to sit with and come to understand those, before releasing and continuing to move forward. 

Think of working with this awareness as self-heal medicine.

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Goodbye 2018: Laying fertile ground for a promising tomorrow

What a beautiful time to be alive.

So many are awakening to their Truth. We’re witnessing so many in various stages of the development spectrum, stepping from 'zone of comfort' to 'the unknown'. We are shedding layers, just as a serpent sheds it's skin, coming to understand outdated thought patterns, boundary lines and programs that are no longer affording the internal contentedness and freedom we yearn for.

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The Art of Intuitive Procrastination

In my mind,

deadlines were always depicted as dark, shadowed corners in an otherwise well lit room, filled with cobwebs, spiders and other scary unknowns. In this reality, I avoided them like the plague. Yes, in my past, I’ve considered mySelf an absolute queen of procrastination. For years, it kept me from committing to much of anything. 'Is there a way I could start seeing it as more of a blessing than a curse?'. I started asking mySelf, daily. Through that curiosity, a ritual that would change my life, naturally, started to take place.

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