Hello and welcome

to the Sacred Sister Podcast! We are Britt Lynn and Hanna and we want to introduce ourselves to you today.

Come join us as we Normalize The Magic and Sacralize The Mundane!

Today, we’ll spent time introducing this new Sisterhood Podcast Concept to the airwaves! Please join us on Spring Equinox, March 20, for our first episode, diving deep and exploring ‘What Is A Spiritual Person?’, where we’ll address a fundamental approach and well as common misconceptions on this topic.

Britt Lynn is the founder of Rise Aligned, a Spirituality and Wellness lifestyle blog. She is a yoga instructor, specialized in prenatal yoga, singer/songwriter in a down-tempo house duo called Retrograders and self-study student, teacher and entrepreneur. Britt believes that self-healing is possible when we are curious and willing to dive deep within and that all answers come back to the Self. From nature wisdom to ancient systems, Britt Lynn is all about making sense of life. Normalizing to ‘woo’ and curating a conscious life of wellness that’s fun, deep and feels good! To connect deeper, you can find her at👇🏽

IG @brittlynnrising

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Hanna is a certified astrologer and Inner Peace Coach. She supports people in living in sync with the cosmic and natural cycles of life to experience harmony and reach their highest potential with grace. If you’re interested in working together, contact for a free consultation.👇🏽


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