What is Periscope???

Periscope is a free app that enables anyone anywhere to video broadcast live. One of the incredible features is that people are able to tune into broadcasters of their interest, and communicate with them in live-time, via commenting. Viewers can tap the screen, sending little colored 'heart' images onto the screen to let the broadcaster know that what they're speaking on resonates and holds value with them. 

I personally use my Periscope to broadcast on topics that I find interesting; my thought pattern is that if I wake up thinking on an interesting talking point or personal growth idea, other people must be thinking about it too. I've had over 1,400 viewers at a time, it's incredible to connect with so many like-minded people and definitely proves one thing -- we are a society that thrives on (and is THIRSTY for) connection. 

In an increasingly disconnected society; people who don't fit 'societal norms' are wanting to branch out and find their own 'tribe' of people with like-minds and ways of living... The only problem is, no one knows how to find them or even where to look. Periscope is merging and connecting these people in more ways than through social media followings and internet platforms. 

I've met numerous people through Periscope in real life, and have developed projects and relationships with them.

I believe this has potential to provide much for many!