Get out of your own way; The first step toward a path of Greatness.

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In this broadcast I announced the launch of Yoga. Nourish. Spirit., and delved deeper into becoming the greatest obstacle in your own life. We all have dreams that we envision or want to see happen, but somehow, only a very small fraction of those dreams will actually be seen to fruition. I wanted to spend sometime asking 'Why is that?', and the reason is different for all of us. For some, it's the fear of failure. Others, maybe they don't have the confidence in themselves, or have a past where people have belittled their abilities and their faith in themselves is diminished. 

As a society of people, there is a lot that we don't talk about. A lot of topics and sensitive subjects are taboo. We have grown accustomed to suppressing ourselves internally, pretending that issues, fears, or stresses don't exist, and we're beginning to see studies backing this. By uprooting those painful topics, looking at them (without judgement), sitting with them, learning from them, and finally being able to release them with genuine gratitude for what they provided you with. Without those hardships, how would we grow? What would push us to that point where we're able to say 'Enough is enough, I'm ready to make a change in my life.'

And it looks different for everyone; it may be an abusive relationship/marriage, an addiction, an eating disorder, self-sabotage, self-hate, a job you don't care for, parenting skills, depression, anxiety, personal development, growth. Your story is never going to look like anyone else's. 

Honor that, accept that, OWN that.