"I think preparing food and feeding people brings nourishment not only to our bodies but to our spirits. Feeding people is a way of loving them, in the same way that feeding ourselves is a way of honoring our own createdness and fragility." Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet

We are what we eat, and for our bodies to function in a way that we can maximize our quality of life; I wasn't raised to eat healthfully and only began to realize when I was around 19!

After spending 2+ years in SE Asian countries as a model, I developed a serious adoration for cuisine from the countries I lived in (Thailand & China), and now love any type of playful dish that combines flavors that awaken all of my senses. So much of what draws me to various Asian dishes are their.. casual, yet exciting, charming personalities. Simple, often incredibly fresh and vibrant dishes that pack a punch in their unassuming nature.

I'm happy to have adapted that playfulness and spontaneity in my cooking! 

Staying balanced, and curious in the kitchen is where it's at!

I'm excited to share some of my favorite recipe's, tools (mild obsession with kitchen gadgets), and go-to's from my kitchen that keep me coming back freshly inspired daily.