Embracing Contraction in the Wake of Expansion


A heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who has responded to the news of our miscarriage with love, support and prayer. As with a lot of my vulnerable and open-hearted shares on social media, I didn’t really realize that miscarriage was something that many do not share... for many different reasons. 

If there’s any message I feel I’m here to deliver, it’s that we are not what ‘happens’ to us. We are provided opportunities which help us See life anew. We are all here to experience excruciating pain and ecstatic happiness, the hi’s are not reserved for people who are ‘better’ or ‘more deserving’, ‘more talented’, ‘more gifted’ than you any more than the lo’s are not reserved for ‘bad people’.

That paradigm (belief system, way of thinking) is old, tired and outdated. 

We See more clearly now. 

We experience all that we are open to experience. 

I see now that I need to post on contraction a lot more. Expansion is a process which happens when we press our edges and see what’s on the other side of comfort. We are rewarded with a new sense of expanded perspective, we widen the scope that was a little more narrow before. 

Contraction is expansions counterpart. 

When we are in a foreign, new land, it is natural, after the initial shock to the system, the positive, happy hormones who are ecstatic at experiencing newness, that we get scared and want to clam back up. 

That’s okay. In fact, it’s natural and part of the process of growing, awakening, evolving.

Recently I see a lot of buzz about NOT ‘allowing yourSelf’ to contract... to ONLY be open to expansion. To CHOOSE expansion in the face of contraction. 

Watch out for messages like those.

Anything out of balance will come back at some point to bite you in the ass. There’s no reason to fear contraction because contraction is only a series of unsure, sometimes confused, confidence lacking feelings trying to integrate all the new perception you just opened up to and glimpsed. For many of us, experiencing what a lack in confidence feels like, opens us up to, then, experience what an embodiment of confidence feels like.

Some people are naturally born sure of themSelves, some aren’t.

This is another way we are here to see, recognize, admire and witness the natural embodiment’s of one another. We don’t need to feel jealousy, pedestal mindset (placing another above you, being in a ‘less than’ perception), fear of another persons embodiment. In fact, I find so much gratitude in these opportunities to do my own inner work when I notice these triggers in mySelf and then sit and self-reflect to work with that trigger and realize that it’s actually a facet of my own Spirit that seeks greater embodiment, reassurance, encouragement to shine and courage to grow into.

Everything can be an opportunity to grow.

We have the freedom to grow at our own pace, at whatever rate is comfortable for us.

Love you, you got this.