Understanding Astrology (and me) A Little Bit Better.

So... I've always had the type of personality where it's hard to nail myself to one current interest (Wayyy before I knew what my 'Sun Sign' was and pronounced Gemini, 'Jim-E-nee'). Growing up I was always singing, learning as many new songs as I could, playing piano, writing stories, 'baking' mud pies in the backyard of (one of the many) the house I lived at. I had a million little hobbies, and have seen that as I grew, one thing stayed constant... my inconsistency. 

When I was a junior in High School my sister, Charity, was a successful model, but wanted to get out of the industry. One day her booking agent called asking whether she wanted this job and she said no, and that she didn't want to model anymore. I immediately went to my parents' bedroom, dialed *69  (remember that?!), and wrote down the number of the booker. I called them right back and said, 'This is Brittani, Charity's sister. I want to do that job!'

And just like that. I started modeling. My parent's started letting me miss school when I'd book 1-4 day jobs, and I loved the transition. I landed my first 3 month international contract in Shanghai, China, and took off. From there I went to Thailand for a few months, and while I was there I heard of a friend who'd recently become an au pair (nanny) in Australia, and I thought 'I could do that!!' Two weeks later I'd found a family in Tasmania, Australia, and had signed the 6 month contract to come on as their nanny 3 weeks after my return home from Thailand. The wife of the family got let go 1 month into my stay and they couldn't afford to keep me, so I (happily!! I'll never nanny again) returned home and planned my next adventure. The next year I returned back to China, spent 4 months in Shanghai, and had a blast. A little while later, I booked a one month reality show casting in Cape Town, South Africa, which was a DREAM. The show was about a billionaire building a brand in ZA, and we 'worked' for him, as a part of his company on the show. He was casting for Season Two of the show. That went so well that myself and another girl, who is now one of my best friends, returned back to Johannesburg later that year to actually work for him for 4 months. 

See a trend? With my current obsession for all things Astrology, my Gemini half has been ruling most of my adult life. Floating from one interest, and one corner of the globe to another, I became prideful that I was able to morph myself into whoever the person offering an opportunity wanted me to be. I was really good at it. In High School, I'd always been in Theatre, improv group, musical theatre, you name it, I loved it all. This was one of those outlets for me, and the plus? It usually provided a really nice paycheck, so I could continue exploring and being curious. 

I'll lay it out like this, for anyone wondering what this post is really getting to.

Most people don't believe in Astrology, or are highly suspect with it, because they think 'There is absolutely no way that everyone born in the month of _____ are all the same.', the way the magazines and newspapers and horoscope emails tell you. I believed the very same thing, until very recently when I found out how many other factors go into this science of the stars, and how true it is for MY story (I've since read both of my parent's their birth charts, my sister, and her two children, all eerily accurate).

My sun sign is Taurus/Gemini cusp (May 21). My moon is in Sagittarius, and my ascending sign is Cancer. Which is interesting, because I have a sign in every element: earth, air, water, and fire. More on that another day.

I recently took an Elemental Astrology class where we looked at our birth charts and began to understand how to look at it. 

The 3 major (basic) ways of understanding someone as a Being are looking at the Sun, Moon, and Rising (or ascending) signs. The sun sign is our spirit, our Self, the way we live by. The moon sign is our soul, our emotions or our habits, what we feel by. The rising sign is the body, the mask, or the window (perspective) from which we DO life by. 

This makes so much sense to me. And what's more, I can say firmly that before last summer, before I was truly in touch with who I am as a person and understood myself, this wouldn't have meant anything to me. I was living in a facade, a fake version of myself surround by gigs, booze, and acquaintances, trying so hard on the fake-it-til-you-make-it route; void of truth or substance. And from that place, how could I expect for any of this to ring true? 

As a society, we're off balance. We care too much about things that don't matter, and care little to none about things which we truly can't escape, the relationships with our families, our bodies, our health, our minds. As a collective, wildly out of alignment. But as more and more people are getting in touch with these tid-bits that are now the norm to ignore, we're seeing a shift. We're seeing an entire generation of people awakening, demanding to be heard and wanting change, changing eating habits, lifestyles, and thirsty for some truth, some intangible magic that brings true meaning and purpose back to their lives. 

Yoga and Astrology are ancient sciences with great study. I do believe they're a great key to discerning imbalances within ourselves, which we're then able to assess, feed deficits, stave off surpluses, become more aligned and in touch with who we truly are at our core, the gifts we have to offer, and what it is that we're here to do. Yes, I do believe each and every one of us has a very unique gift to offer the world that no one else can do quite like them. More on THAT later, too.

You can find your (free!) birth chart at cafeastrology.com. Also, I'm just getting into all this, and still incredibly novice, but I do definitely think it's going to begin holding a bigger space in my Life, I'm LOVING learning about this, and I hope that maybe this enlightened you to a bit as well!