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Brittani Lynn Rael is an enthusiastic empath, with an innate proclivity, and desire to walk her own path.

4 years old, playing with my sister, Charity, at our home in North Las Vegas

4 years old, playing with my sister, Charity, at our home in North Las Vegas


Her passions for travel and cooking began in 2008, against her parents wishes, when she signed her first modeling contract to Shanghai, China. Hugging her weeping parents who were sure they'd never see her again ("Bad things happen in foreign places!", my father was sure I would be sold into a sex trade upon arrival.), she assured them as best she could that this was the first step into a life she knew she was meant to live. She developed a love for cooking in her many travels overseas, and has taken that love of Southeast Asian cuisine home to her happy kitchen, now sprinkled with bits from Vietnam, China, and Thailand. 

Her journey to self-discovery began in 2012 when a friend invited her to join a yoga studio that was opening in town, and in an effort to not gain weight over the holiday season, she signed up for a 30 day hot yoga challenge. After seeing how radically her body was transformed, she was hooked.

It was only recently, Summer 2015, that something more began to develop within her yoga practice. After being let go from a job she envisioned herself at for many more years, not knowing what direction to take next, she decided to leap at the chance to attend a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Venice, CA, solely to deepen her practice. Unbeknownst to her, she would have her current paradigm shifted under the studies of Master Teacher, Annie Carpenter. It was then that the idea of serving others through instructing yoga started to work in her. Brittani began to dive deep into her own Being, connecting where the roots to many of her destructive, anxious, and perfectionistic tendencies stemmed, and sitting in those shadows. It was through that stillness she began coming to regularly where healing took place, and continues to daily.

It was in those moments that Brittani began to understand that she could have a sense of Divine Spirituality apart from religion, which she hadn't ever identified with as an adult. It gave a new, exciting, and enriching perspective on growth and insighted more of what the practice of yoga could empower her with.

Rather than focusing on how our society is consistently evolving into a more divisive, intolerant, and harshly judgmental population... I'd like to shift my awareness to the Light that I can share to the many seeking, or currently undergoing an equally positive shift in self-love and expanding consciousness, mindful living to truth-seekers determined to live their lives authentically. 

That being said, I'm so excited to journey together!

After I stopped fighting myself with expectation of who I ought to think, speak, teach, Be like... Things began to open up and ease. By journeying inward, continuously discovering who I Am, and working to be my most authentic Self, I can use these gifts to serve others.
— Brittani Lynn Rael
Brittani Rael