Aries Super Moon Ceremony

What I intend to do with this blog is demystify various practices that people may feel obscured by. Lately, I've been surprised by how open people are about asking questions, and being interested in what I write on my various social media platforms about this transformation I'm going through. When information isn't 'given' in a preachy way, people are much more open and receptive. 

That being said, I had the great pleasure of visiting my dear friend, Hanna, yesterday for a Full Moon Ceremony. Yesterday, we had an awe-some Super Moon; which is really just another way of saying that during the Full Moon this month, the moon is at the closest point (9:23pm PST) to the Earth that it can be, making it appear bigger and bright; thus the Super title.

See?! Not so woo-woo! Haha.

So, customarily, a Full Moon is a time of reflection. Where you're able to look at what's going on in your life, and can look at any fears you're dealing with that you'd like to dispel. It's also customary to write these fears that you'd like to see break down in your life, and burn them; watching them burn in a fire. The fire symbolize's that you intend and wish to move past that blockage and create space for growth in your life. It's also a time for celebration, of the things you've made progress with, depending on what you set intention for during the New Moon! A New Moon happens 2 weeks before the Full Moon; a New Moon is the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth, or shortly thereafter when it appears as a slender crescent.

Lunar Cycle Chart

Lunar Cycle Chart

I really do like the idea of demystifying all of these things that can sometimes have a negative stigma associated with them, and give a clear layout of the background. When you're, at least, provided with the clear content of a subject, you're able to make your own assertion. That's pretty much my stance and belief on anything that I associate myself with. Get to know the baseline information. Make your own decision.

I'll get to the Ceremony part now. Hanna and I wrote our fears on a piece of paper. I've had mixed feelings on whether or not to share this (very) personal and intimate information about myself and my life, but I do like the idea of transparency, and have always valued that trait in many people that I respect. I also created this blog as a way for me to document the goings-on in my own life and, while I do journal, I find this to be another creative outlet for me to catalogue my journey. And whoever wants to tune in is welcome. 

Fears to be dispelled.

Fears to be dispelled.

After we wrote these down, we decided to draw a few tarot cards. 

Hanna suggested we first draw from The Green Witch Tarot Deck, and we'd be drawing something to let go of, and something to step into. Right before we drew the cards, I'd been telling Hanna that recently I'd been struggling with releasing this inner struggle within myself where I seek a lot of opportunities, but have a habit of leaving myself a 'safe space' where I'm able to walk away from the opportunity, without committing myself to it fully. Whether that's from fear of stepping into the unknown, or that I'm secretly dreading the day I decide to leave the security of the modeling industry I've been comfortably cushioned by for nearly 10 years.. I haven't worked that part out just yet. 

Hanna asked for my interpretation of the two cards that I drew, and what they might symbolize in my life.

My first instinct of the 'Let go of' card was this fortune teller who know's how situations will pan out and I thought of casting her to the fire. Lately, in my own life, when I find myself making assumptions of how I think that I know how something will turn out, and decide to surrender and give myself over to fully experience something with no preconceived notions and am completely open-minded.. I'm generously rewarded.

I explained this to Hanna, and while it was an interesting interpretation, the card is described as this: In traditional tarot this card is named 9 of Cups and is also known as the Wish card, it is considered one of the best cards you can get in the minor arcana. The card symbolizes good luck, wish fulfillment, happiness and divination.

So, that was my 'Let go of' card, which I think, couldn't be better, in terms of what it is that I intend to start putting my energy into, work wise. Working through all of these imbalances within myself has cleared a space and liberated me, giving me a confidence in my abilities that I hadn't felt in MANY years. 

The 'step into' card was really a perfect fit, as well. Hanna asked how I interpreted this and immediately, I thought of coming into my true nature; stepping into what it is that I feel called to do here. How if I allowed myself to do that, I would find myself in harmony with everyone around me. 

We also drew from the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck, which was equally as exciting.

This passage from the 'Find Your Bliss' card description speaks to me most: This card is here to remind you that you will only be truly happy when you are doing what you love. Start making small changes in your life to help steer you into a career or path that fulfills you and satisfies your passions and talents. Know that the Universe will support you in these changes, but you have to start taking the necessary steps.... Connect with others who have similar interests and find courage and inspiration from them. If you are already on a path that you love, perhaps it is time to think of new directions in which to steer it. Don't become complacent. Continually challenge yourself and your talents, and new doors will constantly open up for you.

The second card describes how by bringing crystals and minerals into my personal environment, I'll be able to utilize the earth's natural energy fields as well as stored wisdom to help me in my work. Which is something that I've only been incorporating heavily for the last 6 months or so, but have seen incredible shifts guiding me forward. 

We complied a crystal grid of mostly grounding stones to help us in directing a greater force of energy toward a common goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy, as well as the light of the Full Moon, overnight.

We lit the fire pit in Hanna's backyard and reread the fears that we intended on dispelling from our subconscious, and went to throw them into the flame. This symbolizes a transformation, watching your fears burn and lose their power by the flame that eats them, and the power they hold over you, up. It was curious, because as I was reaching for the match to strike, I thought to myself 'This isn't going to light', because inside, I could feel that I was still afraid to let go of this fear and begin really moving forward, uninhibited. The match did strike, but when I held the flame to the corner of my paper, it went out. I told Hanna about my thought, she told me I wasn't ready to get rid of it yet, and asked me to reread what I'd written. I asked her whether I could read it out loud, and described to her how my throat chakra being cleared has called me to take a stand and communicate these blockages to as many different people as I could, to continue bathing in sharing this Truth of mine, to strengthen it.

And after I shared that with her, there was a flicker inside of me that said 'You're ready now.', I struck the match, held my paper to the flame, and threw my fears into the fire pit, watching the entire paper burn, and disintegrate. 

I have this really strange feeling, and I can't wait to see what starts happens in my life, if I do begin to step into this new light. I'm making a big move, today, and doing something I've been wanting to do for over a year, but have never had the courage to do. 

Wish me luck! Thank you for being open to my story, your curiosity shows that there is more out there for you. I applaud your courage and hope that we can continue inspiring each other.

Hanna Christensen is a certified astrologer, who teaches Elemental Astrology and has private clientele in Las Vegas, NV. You can find her at

IG @hanna_l_christsensen