About Me

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Hello, my name is Brittani Rael.

I'm a born and raised Las Vegas native. After an intense spiritual awakening and paradigm shift in Summer 2015, I found myself questioning much of what I'd always believed (assumed) to be true, in terms of capability to choose, change, and expand.

To live freely. Comfortably. In my own skin. 

After micro-blogging on Instagram and connecting with so many like-minded beauties, it's occurred to me that I'm only one of many hundreds undergoing this transformation. And, with that, I'm offering up my journey (and many fun, tasty tid-bits) in an effort to further what any community craves most; connection. 

This space may not be for everyone, but for the people who's interest it does pique... We're connected, already. 

I mean to create a safe space for those already on this journey, or those on the brink of expansion, of 'awakening'. To share in this experience; to connect.